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Bring you A different game experience

Mod Survive

Bring you A different game experience


Thank you for choosing us! Your arrival will make us better!

high performance

We have a high-performance, high-concurrency server host, reject any lag! This will bring you a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.


Our server can be traced back to the summer of 2017. We have already accumulated a lot of experience and courage in the cold wind of history!

user experience

Have a problem? It's okay, contact our customer service! We will respond to your questions and solutions within 1 working day after receipt!


We use BGP broadband, and the server node is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, which reduces your access delay and improves your gaming experience!


We have gradually developed our own characteristics and a good community environment. In short, you are welcome to join us!


Every teleportation will be a random teleportation, and the world will be refreshed regularly or irregularly to ensure the sustainability of resource development.